Top 15 Most Frequently Asked SAP HANA Interview Questions And Answers

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Question #1: basepath_logbackup parameter can be configured in which configuration file ?

Question #2: What are the recommended ways to perform a database backup?

Question #3: In which table would you can get the current system limits?

Question #4: From the HANA studio in which tab can you see HANA services?

Question #5: Which of the following are recovery types in SAP HANA database?

Question #6: Select the correct statement?

Question #7: What are the components of SAP IMCE Clients 1.0?

Question #8: What is the benefit of implementing SAP HANA with SAP ERP

Question #9: Select the correct statement with respect to “LOG WRITING”

Question #10: You installed SAP HANA Database using 31 as your system number, which port is used for standard SQL communication for client access?

Question #11: Persistence layer in the HANA DB has the following components?

Question #12: Which privilege types are included in the SAP HANA authorization concept?

Question #13: Which tab in SAP HANA studio displays CPU load history data?

Question #14: Which component of the Execution Control module breaks the query into executable parts ?

Question #15: Size of the backup can be estimated from which system table?

Question #16: Which of the following component enables SAP HANA high availability?

Question #17: By which OS command can you check SAP HANA process?

Question #18: Which entry must the client maintain in SAP Service Marketplace in order to provide access to SAP Support to access SAP HANA studio remotely?

Question #19: If the parameter is set to log_mode = overwrite, what will happen ?