SAP HANA : Checking Backups With hdbbackupcheck

hdbbackupcheck in SAP HANA

  • The hdbbackupcheck Checks whether individual data backups and log backups have been changed since they were created.
  • It imports the backup, checks the metadata for correctness and consistency, and checks whether the contents have changed.
  • You can use the hdbbackupcheck tool to manually check the integrity of individual data backups and log backups in SAP HANA .
    If no errors were detected, hdbbackupcheck returns 0.
    If an error was detected, hdbbackupcheck returns 1.


hdbbackupcheck [options] <backup> [-i <backupid>] [-e <ebid>]

-v: display all known information
-p <directory>: use specified directory for protocol files
–backintParamFile <filename>: use parameter file specified for a backint call

Example :
hdbbackupcheck backup/data/BackupThursday_databackup_1_1
hdbbackupcheck -v backup/data/BackupThursday_databackup_1_1

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