Top 50 SAP HANA Interview questions and Answers


1) Which entry must the client maintain in SAP Service Marketplace in order to provide access to SAP Support to access SAP HANA studio remotely?

A) Name server
B) Preprocessor server
C) Statistics server
D) Master Index server

2) Which of the following are recovery types in SAP HANA database?

A) Recovery with incremental backup and Recovery until cancel
B) Full recovery and Point in time recovery
C) Full recovery Recovery with incremental backup
D) None of the above

3) Select the correct statement?

A) During data and log backup ,the system is available as usual
B) Backup only supports files as backup media
C) Only the database payload is backed up
D) All of the above

4) Size of the backup can be estimated from which system table?

D) None of the above

5) Select the correct statement with respect to “LOG WRITING”

A) Log is written to log Buffers in memory
B) if a Log-Buffer becomes full OR a commit entry is written , the log buffer will be written to assigned Log Volume
C) The log is finally written into Log segments where multiple log buffers can be combined into .
D) All of the above

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