2257500 – SAP HANA SPS 10 Database Maintenance Revision 102.04

This is the SAP Release Note for SAP HANA Database Maintenence Revision 102.04 of the SAP HANA platform software Support Package Stack (SPS 10).

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SAP Notes

2272731 Columns of Datatype Array not Supported in Calculation Scenarios
2271718 Indexserver Crash During SQLScript Procedure Validation
2265320 SAP HANA database: Tenant indexserver cannot start after changing SSL certificates
2258249 Enabling privilege check for table type parameters of procedures and functions
2258079 SAP HANA backup catalog appears to be corrupted using delta data backups
2251571 Constantly true filter for graphical calculation view
2241598 Changed UPDATE FROM syntax can cause ‘invalid table name’ error
2240059 SAP HANA DB: False Positive Alert 10
2239943 Missing shared dimension attributes in BIMC tables for Calculation views with DataCategory=”DEFAULT” (empty)
2221133 Missing authorization for BIMC tables / views after a Revision Upgrade to HANA <= SP10
2214279 Blocking situation caused by waiting writer holding consistent change lock
2210637 Change the encryption key of hdbuserstore
2193235 SAP HANA system replication is not working after a change of the master key
2191313 SAP HANA multitenant database containers – failover can fail in Host Auto-Failover setup with distributed tenant DBs
2184218 SAP HANA system replication & SAP HANA multitenant database containers – no SQL connect of tenant databases possible after takeover
2183760 Incorrect validation of user validity specification in HANA Web-based Development Workbench
2183624 Potential information leakage using default SSFS master key in HANA
2183605 SAP HANA Option Advanced Data Processing: Documentation Corrections
2182831 HANA Cockpit known issues in SP10
2182597 HANA Virtual table function does not work on multitenant databases
2165826 SAP HANA Platform SPS 10 Release Note
2160302 Indexserver crash due to early deallocation of the PlanViz objects
2157184 recover data without catalog fails with: incorrect syntax near “USING”
2146931 Web Dispatcher – XSSRV – Initialization fails because access to topology information is forbidden
2139017 Embedded Statistics Server migration failed while creating STARTUPMIGRATIONSTEPIMPLEMENTOR procedure
2135596 Column Store table corrupted and cannot be accessed due to orphaned timestamp
2135446 SAP HANA database: Column Store Table with schema flexibility option cannot be accessed
2135443 SAP HANA Database: Corrupt redo log prevents Indexserver startup
2135097 SAP HANA Database: Inconsistent MVCC information prevents Indexserver startup
2132504 HANA nameserver crashes caused by memory corruption (SLES 11 SP1 only)
2130083 Successive DML operations on Global Temporary Column Table may cause wrong results or crashes
2106836 Potential Data Loss During Table Reload
2104798 concat attributes with float / double data types to be recreated in SPS9
2101737 Recovery of a Multitenant Database Container fails
2099820 MOPZ missing product instances::MOPZ does not find HANA Addon Products
2099489 Adding additional server like scriptserver for AFL usage and the usage of SYS_DATABASES views can crash the additional server
2099478 Backup fails with error message: crypto provider ‘commoncrypto’ not available
2099047 First table row hidden in SAP HANA Studio on Mac OS 10.10
2097704 Error while refactoring HANA artifacts in HANA Studio
2092868 change of string representation of float / double in Hana SPS9
2091313 HANA Statistics Server – changed standard setting of the statistics server as of Revision 93
2078425 Troubleshooting note for SAP HANA platform lifecycle management tool hdblcm
2074556 Revision 84 Enhancements for Planning Functions
2072211 Upgrade of the Embedded Statistics Service (ESS) from Revision 74.02 to Revision 81 or 82 fails with “unknown catalog object”
2066903 SAP HANA DB: STRING_AGG() with subselect does not return expected result
2066313 SAP HANA DB: Possible columnstore table corruption after point-in-time recovery
2056079 Planning : new check ‘ALL_IN_FILTER’
2054883 Enabling Data Volume Encryption in a Running System
2053116 UDF in view definition causes HANA indexserver crash
2052914 ODBC driver issue after upgrade to Revision >= 82
2045050 SAP HANA DB: Enterprise search query may return too few results
2039810 Table does not get merged automatically
2039085 upgrade fails with Retcode 1: SQL-error -2048-column store error PARCONV_UPG
2037509 SAP HANA DB: Hanging Executor::X2::calculate threads after Query cancellation or OOM
2035443 SAP HANA DB: Disconnect of connections after reaching the idle_connection_timeout in distributed landscapes
2032600 Upgrade of SAP HANA studio from Revision 80 to a later revision
2023669 SAP HANA SPS 08 offline and online help are out of synch
2023163 Downloading multispanning TAR archives
2023091 Error: Unable to undeploy delivery unit
2022779 Technical Change of SAP HANA Studio Version String
2021789 SAP HANA Revision and Maintenance Strategy
1963779 Reaching the 768 GB limit of rowstore can cause data loss
1962287 Planning Functions: set default connection name
1948334 SAP HANA Database Update Paths for Maintenance Revisions
1934114 SAP HANA DEMO MODEL – SHINE Release & Information Note
1925684 ABAP adjustments for the new Embedded Statistic Server
1918267 SAP HANA DB: corrupt deltalog of column store table
1898497 Versioning and delivery strategy of application function libraries
1778607 SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite
1666976 uniqueChecker usage description
1523337 SAP HANA Database 1.00 – Central Note
1514967 SAP HANA: Central Note

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