[Solved] 2130593 – Error 10104: Invalid value for KEY


  • After migrating BW 7.X to HANA 1.0, in the import ABAP phase, using these commands for example:
hdbsql -U SYSTEM -I /.../.../HdbLandscapeReorgCheckProcedure.SQL...
hdbsql -U DEFAULT -I /.../.../HdbLandscapeReorgCheckProcedure.SQL...
  • or a backup cannot be generated using the command:
hdbsql -U BACKUP ...
  • In both cases these error messages are generated:
* -10104: Invalid value for KEY (SYSTEM)
* -10104: Invalid value for KEY (BACKUP)
C  Try to connect via secure store (SERVICE) on connection 1 ...
C  invalid secure store entry, rc = -10104 (Invalid value for KEY (DEFAULT))

Also see how to set hdbuserstore keys in hana  –Hdbuserstore in hana


SAP HANA Database 1.0.



The user reported in the error is not listed in the local hdbuserstore. The hdbuserstore is the repository that holds the logon information. You should be able to see the list of all the entries in the hdbuserstore if you run the command:

  • hdbuserstore list
  • hdbuserstore LIST <SID>SAPDBCTRL

The error message occurs if the user key does not exist.



  1. Create the user key in the hdbuserstore. The command to create the user key in the hdbuserstore for DEFAULT for example would be:
    hdbuserstore set DEFAULT <LOCALHOST>:30015 SAP<SID> Password
  1. Add the entry to your logon database (hdbuserstore). To add the entry to your logon database hdbuserstore you can use the command format:
    hdbuserstore SET <SID>SAPDBCTRL <dbhost>:<port> SAPDBCTRL <password>


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