2099478 – Backup fails with error message: crypto provider 'commoncrypto' not available


After upgrade to HANA Revision 90 or above your backup fails with the error message:

“crypto provider ‘commoncrypto’ not available”


Other Terms

HANA, security, administration, backup, upgrade, commoncrypto, crypto provider


Reason and Prerequisites

With HANA Revision 90 or above the SAP Cryptographic Library (CommonCryptoLib) is delivered with the HANA binaries. One of its functions inside HANA is to calculate cryptographic checksums, which is also done for ensuring a consistent backup.

The usage of the CommonCryptoLib requires a correct environment for all HANA processes.

In particular, the two environment variables DIR_EXECUTABLE and SECUDIR have to be set as a precondition for the correct function of the CommonCryptoLib. These two environment variables are set automatically during the installation of HANA.



Check that the environment variables of HANA are all set correctly (especially DIR_EXECUTABLE and SECUDIR).

The .sapenv.sh script (located in the home directory of the <sid>adm) sources /usr/sap/$SAPSYSTEMNAME/HDB[0-9][0-9]/HDBSettings.sh to ensure the correct setup of the HANA environment. HDBSettings.sh sources hdbenv.sh which is responsible for setting up the two environment variables DIR_EXECUTABLE and SECUDIR.

Be aware that it is possible that the used shell is csh and not bash, so please ensure you check the actually used environment (For csh applies the same procedure as for bash, except that the file endings are .csh and not .sh).


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