SAP HANA system replication is not working after a change of the master key


You want to change the SSFS master key in a HANA System Replication setup.

Due to a bug in HANA System Replication a changed master key is not shipped correctly to the secondary site which leads to errors on the secondary site.


Other Terms

HSR, SAP HANA System Replication, master key change, SSFS


Reason and Prerequisites

  1. SAP HANA database revisions earlier than 85.05 (for SPS 8), 97.01 (for SPS 9) and 102 (for SPS 10)
  2. HANA System Replication is enabled



For a permanent solution, apply SAP HANA database revision 85.05 for SPS 8, 97.01 for SPS 9 or revision 102 for SPS 10 or any later revision. The fix will lead to a correct shipment of the master key to the secondary site.


1. Ensure that the new SSFS_<SID>.KEY file is located under /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/hdb/security/ssfs/

2. Manually copy the master key file from primary to secondary to the same directory.

3. Delete the ssfs_key_file_path setting under [cryptography] in global.ini on both sites.

4. Restart the systems to make the changes effective.


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