SAP HANA DB: Known issues detected in SPS09 and SPS10

SAP HANA DB: Known issues detected in SPS09


2194396 After upgrade or SSFS key change wrong SSFS key on System Replication secondary site
2186299 HANA Statistics Server – high memory consumption of the collectors Host_Sql_Plan_Cache and Host_Sql_Plan_Cache_Overview
2169750 SP9 script-based calculation view activation fails due to hierarchy view name change
2150265 Recovery of a tenant database failed due to clashing volume IDs
2149649 Data Corruption or Indexserver Crash after enabling Data Aging via transaction DAGPTM in SAP HANA SPS09
2143455 Indexserver Crashes During Landscape Redistribution
2140344 SAP HANA DB: Backup information is incorrect for system DB and tenant DB after converting system to a Multitenant Database Container.
2140297 SAP HANA DB: nameserver cannot start after converting system to Multitenant Database Container
2137597 SAP HANA: NULL values in LOB column after executing DDL or DML mass operation
2137522 Incorrect uniqueness check in Multi-Container Rowstore Table
2137038 SAP HANA Database: Columnstore history table cannot be accessed due to an exception during deltalog replay
2136944 SAP HANA Database: Indexserver crashes during recovery or startup
2136496 Stopping multi-tenant database container runs into timeout / service crashs
2135985 SAP HANA: Can’t unload index exception when unloading Column Store Tables
2135729 High memory consumption, extreme long startup times and system standstill due to table fragment leak
2135718 SAP HANA Database: Columnstore table cannot be loaded – Mismatch between RowID dict-size 2 and inverted index-size 3
2135596 Column Store table corrupted and cannot be accessed due to orphaned timestamp
2135446 SAP HANA database: Column Store Table with schema flexibility option cannot be accessed
2135443 SAP HANA Database: Corrupt redo log prevents Indexserver startup
2135158 Unable to access certain values of in-memory lob columns after upgrade to HANA Database SPS09
2135097 SAP HANA Database: Inconsistent MVCC information prevents Indexserver startup
2134881 Wrong results or query execution failures in MDX prior to SAP HANA Database Revision 93
2134844 SAP HANA DB: Database crashes and cannot be started after rollback of ADD COLUMN
2133638 HANA indexserver crashes due to an OOM in UndoHandler during the startup
2132353 503 Service not available for XS Engine after conversion to multi-tenant database container system
2131662 Transparent Huge Pages (THP) on SAP HANA Servers
2130083 Successive DML operations on Global Temporary Column Table may cause wrong results or crashes
2129651 Indexserver crash caused by inconsistent log position when startup
2128188 SAP HANA DB: hdbrename fails with a configured storage connector on SPS 09
2127582 SAML SSO between HANA SP09 and BI fails with error: Assertion is not intended for this service provider
2126469 table move fails with ContainerName … – $container$ not found.
2125399 SAP HANA: table consistency check returns error “Maximum rowid in table is larger than max rowid in runtime data”
2122908 Indexserver crash during database startup due to duplicate entries in deltadictionary
2118842 Failing MDX statements on HANA revision 90 and 91.
2118527 HANA Database crashes at ptime::PageHeader::isValidSlot on Revision 90 or lower
2115978 SAP HANA: MDX limitation with non-aggregatable measures
2112732 Pool/RowEngine/MonitorView allocates large amount of memory
2106836 Potential Data Loss During Table Reload
2105764 Data Inconsistency after Upgrade to SAP HANA SPS09 Revision 90
2104798 concat attributes with float / double data types to be recreated in SPS9
2101737 Recovery of a Multitenant Database Container fails
2099486 Repository migration might fail when updating from SPS7 revisions to Revision 90
2089847 Indexserver tracefile shows “expect non-empty top-k info” error


SAP HANA DB: Known issues detected in SPS10

2184218 SAP HANA system replication & SAP HANA multitenant database containers – no SQL connect of tenant databases possible after takeover
2187769 Rowstore index can be inconsistent after upgrade to SPS10
2193235 SAP HANA system replication is not working after a change of the master key
2198150 SAP HANA DB: SELECT on column table hangs
2205345 SAP HANA DB Client: “SQL code: -9300” occurred while accessing table
2206359 SAP HANA DB: SELECT on tables with data aging enabled returns incorrect result
2206354 SAP HANA DB: High System CPU Consumption Caused by Plan Trace


2194396 After upgrade or SSFS key change wrong SSFS key on System Replication secondary site


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