Recovery failed due to hdbdaemon process not able to stop in SAP HANA


When performing a recovery using the Recovery Wizard in SAP HANA Studio, you run into either one the following messages:

1. Error: “Could not recover system <SID> – Could not start master name server”

2. Misleading success message with 0 recovered volumns: “System <SID> was recovered successfully – 0 volumes were recovered”

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Reason and Prerequisites

When a recovery is initiated in SAP HANA Studio, the database, if still running, will be shutdown. The database is then restarted automatically during recovery. If for some reason, the database cannot be shutdown completely before the recovery, i.e. some server processes cannot be stopped, the restart and ultimately the recovery will fail.

Some issues at operating system level, such as disk full, might cause the daemon process to hang and not to respond to the stop request by the recovery. As a result, the recovery will fail, which can be observed by the error/misleading messages above.


If the recovery attempt fails with one of the symptoms above, please perform the following steps to confirm and resolve the problem:

1. Open a terminal connection to the database server using the credentials for the <SID>adm user

2. Check for the trace file “recoverStart.trc” in the trace directory of the database instance, usually /usr/sap/<SID>/HDB<instance number>/<host name>/trace

3. Confirm the following timeout error at the end of the file:

start system: <host name> failed: timeout for: <host name>

recoverSys failed: <timestamp>

4. Execute “HDB proc” as the <SID>adm user to list all currently running processes of the database

5. Assuming you have an database with SID “HD3”, instance number “33”, running on host lu113560, a running daemon process will exhibit the following entry in the result of Step 4. Please look for the string “daemon.ini” to confirm the entry of the process:

hd3adm    4395  4363  0.0 848604 200680  _ /usr/sap/HD3/HDB33/lu113560/trace/hdb.sapHD3_HDB33 -d -nw -f /usr/sap/HD3/HDB33/lu113560/daemon.ini pf=/usr/sap/HD3/SYS/profile/HD3_HDB33_lu113560

5. Confirm that the above process has NO child processes, such as hdbnameserver, hdbindexserver, etc.

6. Execute “HDB kill”

7. Retry recovery using SAP HANA Studio


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