Indexserver crash during CREATE PROCEDURE in SAP HANA

Note 2157184

Master indexserver crash with following callstack during the creation of a procedure which include in the body a UDFs (user defined functions):
exception  1: no.1000000  (ptime/storage/tm/
Assertion failed: tid > 0
exception throw location:
1: 0x00007f6ee9cf5149 in ptime::Transaction::prepare_write_master_trans(long, int&, unsigned int&, Newdb::TransToken const&)+0xa95 at (
2: 0x00007f6ee9cf5353 in ptime::Transaction::remote_share_changes_by_tid(long, Newdb::TransToken*)+0x200 at (
3: 0x00007f6ef34f6e79 in Newdb::GlobalTransServerSync::handle(TrexNet::Request&)+0x5b75 at GlobalTransCommImpl.cpp:7828 (
4: 0x0000000000463c72 in TRexAPI::TREXIndexServer::handle(TrexNet::Request&, TrexService::HandlerContext&)+0x4c0 at TREXIndexServer.cpp:3063 (hdbindexserver)
5: 0x000000000049eeeb in WorkerThread::run(void*)+0x987 at TrexService.cpp:1449 (hdbindexserver)
6: 0x00007f6f01e81ec2 in TrexThreads::PoolThread::run()+0x850 at PoolThread.cpp:265 (
7: 0x00007f6f01e83a28 in TrexThreads::PoolThread::run(void*&)+0x14 at PoolThread.cpp:124 (
8: 0x00007f6ef7337167 in Execution::Thread::staticMainImp(void**)+0xa93 at Thread.cpp:476 (
9: 0x00007f6ef73376ad in Execution::Thread::staticMain(void*)+0x39 at Thread.cpp:546 (
The CREATE statement of the procudere is getting executed on a slave node.
Other Terms
NewDB, in-memory database, indexserver crash, scale-out, Upgrade to NW7.40 (Phase RUN_RUTDDLSCREATE)
Reason and Prerequisites
The HANA database is running as scale-out and the current master is not on the first postion in the hdbuserstore.
The bug will be solved with Rev85.

  1.  Switch off statement routing in the indexserver.ini:
    client_distribution_mode = off
  2. Change the order in the hdbuserstore: master, standby

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