How To Activate Performance Trace In Sap Hana


You are asked to provide a performance trace.


Other Terms

HANA, support, performance trace


Reason and Prerequisites

You suspect that the runtime of a query is too long. You are asked to provide a performance trace of that query.



Please follow these steps to trace the performance of your query:

1. Connect to your database via HANA Studio.
2. Open the administration view.
3. Go to Trace Configuration.
4. Click on the “pen” sign next to Performance Trace.
5. Activate both Enhanced Tracing options (Trace execution plan, Activate function profiler).
6. You can filter by DB user and / or Application user.
7. If you can estimate the runtime of your query, you can set the duration. Otherwise, you can stop it again manually.
8. Start the tracing by clicking Finish.
9. Run the query.
10. Stop the performance trace after the query execution is finished.
11. You can find the performance trace under Diagnosis Files. Please be aware that it may need some time to write the file (depending on the size of the trace file).


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