2222694 – When trying to rename the HANA system, the following error appears "Source files are not owned by the original sidadm user (uid = xxxx)"


First attempt to rename the HANA failed because the installation was executed under a user that was not the root user.
When trying to execute the resident hdblcm again to rename, it fails with this error:
Renaming of SAP HANA system failed.
Configuration error:
Source files are not owned by the original sidadm user (uid = xxxx)

Reproducing the Issue
Execute command from the resident hdblcm:
hdblcm –action=rename_system –target_sid=<SID>

The failed attempt modified some of the configuration files that hdblcm uses to determine the owner of the HANA installation.

Login to the O/S using the <sid>adm user
Go to the following directory:
cd /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/install/support
Make a copy of the cfg file:
cp cfg cfg.backup
Modify the cfg file using an editor like vi.
The contents will look like this, ensure that they are correct when compared to /etc/passwd

{‘sapsys_groupid’: 1014,
‘sidadm_comment’: ‘SAP HANA Database System Administrator’,
‘sidadm_home’: ‘/usr/sap/<SID>/home’,
‘sidadm_id’: 1025,
‘sidadm_shell’: ‘/bin/sh’}
Save the file after the changes have been made.
Run the hdblcm rename command again and it should work.

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