2182831 – HANA Cockpit known issues in SP10


1) HANA Cockpit Manage Services: Stop / Kill / Start Service and Go to Trace File for a service do not work
This affects SAP HANA Cockpit Delivery Unit: HANA_ADMIN Version 1.3.9
Stop / Kill / Start Service are not executed, but feedback to user is given as executed.
The link “Go to Trace File” opens the Trace File Editor with undefined_undefined.undefined.
2) Some links to documentation are broken
3) Some information in tables can not be read due to small column width

Other Terms

SAP HANA Cockpit, Manage Services, SAP HANA database, Admin
Reason and Prerequisites
Install HANA SP10
1) To Stop / Kill / Start Service use SAP HANA Studio.
To open log files use WebIDE or SAP HANA Studio.
From HANA_ADMIN Version 1.3.11 HANA Cockpit can be used to Stop / Kill / Start Service.
2) Use the documentation tile in HANA cockpit to reach documentation.
From HANA_ADMIN Version 1.3.11 HANA Cockpit documentation links are woking.
3) Reduce the number of displayed columns

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