2018947 – Crash during hana database start up


The indexserver or other database services crash during the database start up with following call stack:
0: ptime::Transaction::Transaction
1: ptime::TraceUtil::getOidsFromObjects
2: ptime::ExpensiveStatementTraceFilter::load
3: ptime::ExpensiveStatementTracerImpl::loadConfig
4: ptime::Config::startup
5: TRexAPI::TREXIndexServer::startup
6: nlsui_main

Other Terms

SAP HANA, Crash, start up, expensive statement, trace

Reason and Prerequisites

The expensive statement trace is turned on and there is a filter on a specific object defined. During start up the tracer tries to use a transaction but the object has not been initialized yet.


Solution: The crash is fixed with SAP HANA revision 81.
Workaround: to be able to start up the database the filter on the objects needs to be removed. Therefore, please remove the related entry in the global.ini. The complete section about expensive statement trace in the global.ini looks similar to this:
threshold_duration = 1
user = system
object = sys.m_connections
To solve the situation, the entry “object = …” needs to be removed.

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