[Solved] 1760921 – Service sapstartsrv is in status yellow on HANA Studio


  • When checking the Administration window of your system in HANA Studio, you see that service ‘sapstartsrv’ is in status yellow;


HANA Studio will try to resolve the client domain and if a firewall stops it from accessing a specific port or the HANA host name is not resolved from your client you’ll face this issue.



 1) Make sure hana client hostname is resolved from your machine. The client hostname is under the landscape tab of the Administration are in HANA Studio. Here’s an example:

After checking the ip of you HANA host you could add it to your ‘hosts’ file. If you’re using Windows you can add the entry to file ‘C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts’. On Linux/Unix you can add that entry to file ‘/etc/hosts’.
As an example, if we have the ip X.Y.Z.W for the HANA host we could add the following entry on the hosts file:

X.Y.Z.W           dewdfgld00353

2) Check Firewall settings and verify if you can reach generated file from your computer by accessing:

http://<hana hostname>:5<instance number>13/?wsdl

3) Alternatively, you can following steps described in SAP Note 1639568;

In the SAP HANA studio, choose “Window -> Preferences -> Network Connections -> Active Provider” an
change the value from “Native” to “Direct”.
In case your system is a scale-out HANA database you may try to follow the workaround suggested in SAP Note 1743225.
If the issue persists afterwards please provide the following resources to the Support Engineer working on your message:

  • Complete HANA studio log. This will be found on your home directory (hdbstudio/.metadata/.log).
  • A Screenshot of the advanced configuration on Internet Explorer if manual configuration is selected.


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