1639568 – HANA Studio shows system status yellow

The SAP HANA studio displays a yellow system status even though all SAP HANA services are running.


The SAP HANA studio cannot reach SAPStartSrv even though this is running.


Check whether the file hdbdaemon.status exists on the HANA server.
Check whether the SAPStartSrv returns the status of the HANA processes. Example /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sapcontrol -host <you host> -nr <instance number> -function GetProcessList
Check whether the SAPStartSrv can be accessed with a browser http://<server>:5<instanznummer>13/?wsdl
In the SAP HANA studio, choose “Window -> Preferences -> Network Connections -> Active Provider” and change the value from “Native” to “Direct”.

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