Types Of Privileges In SAP HANA

Several Privileges are used in HANA.

System privilege

System privileges are mainly used for administrative purposes to authorize users to perform administrative actions, including:
● Creating and deleting schemas
● Managing users and roles
● Performing data backups
● Monitoring and tracing
● Managing licenses
● Importing and exporting content
● Maintaining delivery units (DU)

Object Privileges

Object privileges are used to allow access to and modification of database objects, such as tables and views. Depending on the object type,different actions can be authorized (for example, SELECT, CREATE ANY, ALTER, DROP, and so on).

Object privileges are not only grantable for database catalog objects such as tables, views and procedures.
Object privileges can also be granted for non-catalog objects such as development objects in the repository of
the SAP HANA database.

Initially, the owner of an object and the owner of the schema in which the object is located are the only users
who can access the object and grant object privileges on it to other users.
An object can therefore be accessed only by the following users:
● The owner of the object
● The owner of the schema in which the object is located
● Users to whom the owner of the object has granted privileges
● Users to whom the owner of the parent schema has granted privileges

Analytic Privilege

Analytic privileges are used to allow read access to data in SAP HANA information models (that is, analytic views, attribute views, and calculation views) depending on certain values or combinations of values.
Analytic privileges are evaluated during query processing.

Package Privilege

Package privileges are used to allow access to and the ability to work in packages in the repository of the SAP HANA database.

● Packages contain design time versions of various objects, such as analytic views, attribute views, calculation views, and analytic privileges.
● In a multiple-container system, package privileges
granted to users in a particular database authorize access to and the ability to work in packages in the repository of that database only

Application Privilege

Developers of SAP HANA XS applications can create application privileges to authorize user and client access to their application.They apply in addition to other privileges, for example, object privileges on tables.

● Application privileges can be granted directly to users or roles in runtime in the SAP HANA studio.
● However, it is recommended that you grant application privileges to roles created in the repository in design time.

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