SAP HANA Tenant DB uses the same SID with HANA systemdb

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You found HDB Daemon stuck initializing status, and HDB webdispatcher was stopped.
In webdispatcher trace you could see the errors as below:

System <SID>: only HTTP used in in EXTSRV, set SSL_ENCRYPT=0System <SID>: only HTTP used in in EXTSRV, set SSL_ENCRYPT=0*** ERROR => Configuration conflict between systems <SID> and <SID> [icrxx.c      3157]*** ERROR => Web Dispatcher forbids multiple systems matching one request:To allow multiple matching systems refer to the online documentation [icrxx.c      3197]*** ERROR => ICR: Configuration of backend systems failed: Configuration conflict(-34) [icrxx.c      5271]*** ERROR => IcrMain: IcrInit failed (rc=-34) [icxxman.c    794]



HANA 1.0 SPS9 and higher


Reproducing the Issue

When you create a tenant DB, you use the same SID with the SYSTEMDB.



The default setting of wdisp/system_conflict_resolution is 0, which means error occurs at start time if multiple systems are using the same SID.



To overcome this, you can set parameter wdisp/system_conflict_resolution = 1 or 2 under section profile in webdispatcher.ini.

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