SAP HANA system ID SID is already in use when using hdbaddhost in SAP HANA

Note : 1910131


When using hdbaddhost to add a new node to an existing SAP HANA system, after being asked for the system ID, the following error is displayed:

SAP HANA system ID “<your system id>” is already in use.

NOTE: best practice when adding or removing nodes to an SAP HANA system is to use and to not manually execute hdbaddhost.
The landscapeDescription.xml, used by SUM and HLM is not updated when hdbaddhost is called manually.


SAP HANA Database version 1.00


The new node being added already contains entries with this HANA system ID in one (or more) of the following ways:

  • An instance of SAP HANA is already installed on the new node with the same system ID
  • The directory structure /usr/sap/<sid> already exists.
  • There are existing entries in file /usr/sap/sapservices that reference /usr/sap/<sid>


The new node being added should not already have an instance of SAP HANA installed with the same system ID as the HANA system to which it is being added.

  • Uninstall any instance of HANA from the new node that has the same system ID.
  • Remove the directory structure /usr/sap/<sid>/
  • Remove any entries from file /usr/sap/sapservices that reference /usr/sap/<sid>/

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