Nameserver crash after revision upgrade in SAP HANA


After upgrading the SAP HANA database the nameserver of one or several nodes does not start and crashes. In the crash dump the [CRASH STACK] contains the following or similar information:
[CRASH_STACK]  stacktrace of crash:
—-> Symbolic stack backtrace <—-
0: raise + 0x2b
1: Basis::crashInEarlyStartupPhase(char const*, int, char const*) + 0x42
2: Synchronization::NamedProcessMutexNoAlloc::initMutex(char const*) + 0xdf
3: MemoryManager::create_CODE_SIZE_UPDATE_GLOBAL_LOCK(void*) + 0x29
4: Execution::runOnceImpl(void (*)(void*), void*, bool&, bool) + 0xd1
5: MemoryManager::GlobalMemoryHandler::updateCodeSizeOfAllProcessesInternal() + 0x472
6: MemoryManager::updateReservationForLibrarySize() + 0xd8
7: System::mainInitialPhase() + 0x9
8: mainWrapper(int, char**, char**) + 0x3a
9: __libc_start_main + 0xe6


Reason and Prerequisites

The folder /var/lib/hdb was not created on the server.


Create the folder /var/lib/hdb manually on all affected nodes and restart the database.

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