[Solved] How To Reset the Hana SYSTEM User Password of a Tenant Database in sap hana Multitenant Database Conatiners

If the password of the SYSTEM user in a tenant database is lost, you can reset it as the operating system administrator by starting the index server in emergency mode.

Note:You have the system privilege DATABASE ADMIN.

Step 1.Stop the tenant database

Stop the tenant database by executing the following statement, for example in the SQL console of the SAP HANA studio:ALTER SYSTEM STOP DATABASE <database_name>

Step 2. Login to SAP HANA Server

Log on to the server on which the of the master index server is running

Step 3.Switch to SAPHANA Admin user

Now we need to switch to SAPHANA admin user using following command
su – sidadm

Step 6.Start the Indexserver with Special Flag resetUserSystemNote

Start the index server by executing the following
/usr/sap/<SID>/HDB<instance>/exe DBNAME=<database_name> hdbindexserver –port <internal port> -resetUserSystem
The following prompt appears: resetting of user SYSTEM – new password

Step 7.Enter a new password for the SYSTEM user

The password for the SYSTEM user of the tenant database is reset and the index server stops

Step 6.Restart the tenant database
Restart the tenant database:ALTER SYSTEM START DATABASE <database_name>

You have to change the new password the next time you log on with this user. If you previously deactivated the SYSTEM user, it is now also reactivated. This means you will need to deactivate it again.


Note :If you convert an existing SAP HANA system to multiple-container mode, the system database and one tenant database are created during the conversion process. This tenant database contains all the data of the original system, including users, system configuration, and connection properties. The password of the SYSTEM user in this tenant database is the password of the SYSTEM user of the original system before it was converted. You must explicitly set the password of the SYSTEM user of the system database during conversion.

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