How To Execute Long Commands In HDBSQL

You can execute long commands in hdbsql by  Activate multiple-line mode


Step 1. Login to SAP HANA Server

Log on to the server on which the of the master index server is running

Step 2.Switch to SAPHANA Admin user

Now we need to switch to SAPHANA admin user using following command
su – sidadm

Step 3.Logon to SAP HANA Database user
Log on to the SAP HANA database as username with the password by entering the following:

hdbsql -n localhost -i <Instance number> -u <UserName>,<Password>

Step 4.Activate multiple-line mode

Now enter the below command and press Enter

:mu ON

Step 5.Paste your long commands now

Paste your long commands .

Close the last line of the command by entering a semicolon and press enter.




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