HANA Db is up ,R3trans -d is failing

Check if a connection is possible to the database by running

R3trans -d

this will end with a return code. RC <8 is a successful connection to the database but rc=12 would be a failure.

Check the trans.log which is produced to see further details about why the abap side of the SAP system could not connect to the database.

Here are some examples of common issues when R3trans d results in r=12


  1. Your HANA DB rev is SPS9 (rev 90 or higher) and you see something similar to what is listed below:

    4 ETW000  [     dev trc,00000]  Database release is HDB                            54  0.055046 4 ETW000  [dbhdbsql.cpp,00000]  *** ERROR => Using non supported HANA version: 4 ETW000  [dbhdbsql.cpp,00000]  *** ERROR => Min. version for this release must be 1.00.62″

    You need to upgrade DBSL Supports . Please see SAP Note 1952701  – DBSL supports new SAP HANA SP9 version number

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