Incremental And Differential backup in SAP HANA

From SPS 10, SAP HANA supports Incremental and differential backup .New and changed features are available for SAP HANA backup and recovery


Full data backup
A full data backup contains all current data .

Note:Old data that is no longer valid but might still be
physically present in the data volumes is not part of the
data backup

Delta backup(New)

Delta backups contain data that was changed since an earlier data backup. In this way, compared with log backups, delta backups reduce the amount of data that is actually backed up.

Note:Changed data refers to the physical layout of the data in the SAP HANA persistent storage.

This is not always the amount of data that was actually changed. For example, a delta merge of a column store partition does not change the content of a SAP HANA database. Instead, it recreates the whole partition for optimized data read access. In this situation, the whole partition will be backed up in a delta data backup, even if no data was changed.

Two types: incremental and differential
Incremental backups

An incremental backup stores the data changed since the last data backup – either the last data backup or the last delta backup (incremental or differential).

If data remains unchanged, it is never saved to more than one backup. For this reason, incremental backups are the smallest of all the data backup types.

To recover the database to the point in time of the latest incremental backup, SAP HANA has to recover the following:

  • The data backup, on which the incremental backups are based
  • Each incremental backup made since the data backup


Differential backups

  • Differential backups in hana is increase the amount of data saved with each backup
  • reduce the number of data backups during recovery

This reduces the number of data backups to be recovered to just one differential backup and the corresponding data backup, but increases the amount of data to be saved with each differential backup.

Notes: Delta backups are data backups – they contain actual
data. In contrast, log backups contain redo log entries

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