[Solved] How To Take Full System Dump in Hana

  1. Login using <sid>adm
  2. Go to /usr/sap/<SID>/<INST>/exe/python_support
  3. Run python fullSystemInfoDump.py


The Python support script fullSystemInfoDump.py collects a range of information from your system for diagnosis purposes.

what it collects ?

  1. Log File
    All information about what has been collected is shown as console output and is written to a file named log.txt that is stored in the zip file.
  2. Trace Files
    Each of the following trace files is put into a file with the same name as the trace file. For storage reasons, only the trace files from the last 7 days are collected unabridged. Older trace files are not collected.
  3. Configuration Files
    All configuration files are collected unabridged and stored in a file with the same name as the .ini file:
  4. Database System Log Files
    The following backup files are collected unabridged:
  5. Crashdump Information
    Crashdump files for services are collected unabridged.
    Performance Trace Files
    Performance trace files with the suffix *.tpt are collected unabridged.
    Kerberos Files
    The following Kerberos files are collected:
  6. System Views
    If the collection of system views is not excluded (option –nosql specified), all rows of the following system views (with the exceptions mentioned below) are exported into a CSV file with the name of the table.

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