Status of most recent data backup

Alert text: Status of most recent data backup


Determines whether or not the most recent data backup was successful.

Steps To Resolve:

Use following steps to check the status of most recent SAP HANA database backup using command line.
Step 1. Login to SAP HANA Server

First we need to connect to SAP HANA server using Linux clients (eg: putty) with root user.

Step 2. Switch to SAPHANA Admin User

Now we need to switch to SAP HANA admin user using following command.

su -sidadm

Step 3.Connect to Database instance

Now connect to SAP HANA database instance using following command. For below command you required sap hana server name and database instanace number and password for SYSTEM account.
hdbsql -i <instance number> -u <user> -p <password>

Step 4. Execute Following Command to check Backup

After successfully connecting to SAP HANA database instance, Check when the last data backup taken by running below sql command

hdbsql HDB=>select * from “M_BACKUP_CATALOG” where entry_type_name = ‘complete data backup’ and state_name = ‘sucessfull’ order by sys_start_time desc;

Step 5.If the Backup is more older than one day,

Investigate why the last data backup failed, resolve the problem, and perform a new data backup as soon as possible

Take backup Manually using below sql command

hdbsql HDB=>BACKUP DATA USING FILE (‘/backup/HDB/data/FullDataBackup’)


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