1910188 – How to handle HANA Alert 27: ‘Record count of column-store table partitions’


Determines the number of records in the partitions of column-store tables. A table partition cannot contain more than 2,000,000,000 (2 billion) rows.

When checking the Alerts tab in HANA, there is an alert called “SYSTEM.LINEITEM partition 2 has record count 2001915”.

  • For HANA Studio, you would find the alert by going to Administration Console -> Alerts -> Show: all alerts.
  • For Solution Manager, you would find the alert using transaction DBACOCKPIT -> choose HANA system -> expand Current Status -> Alerts.
To check the exact time, please go to Administration Console -> Alerts -> double click on the alert.



Normally there are 2 reasons for this alert:

  1. The threshold value of “Check record count of not partitioned column table” in “Configure Check Settings” is improper.
The default value is Low: 1,500,000,000  Medium: 1,800,000,000   High: 1,900,000,000 
In this testing , I manually change the low level threshold to 2,000,000 as follows:
  1. Following prerequisite are met for column tables:
    • The column table is partitioned.
    • One or several partition parts exceed the threshold for this alert.



  1. For the alert being triggered due to improper threshold value setting, it could be resolved by resetting it to the default values or more reasonable threshold values.
  2. Consider to  change the partitioning of the partitioned column table to make sure all partition parts are within the threshold of this alert.

    You can change table partitioning in the following ways:

    • Change the partitioning specification, for example, from Range to Hash.
    • Change the partitioning column.
    • Split partitions.
    • Check the table partitioning by right click the “schema”, and click “Show Table Distribution”.
Below are the steps on how to change the partitioning of partitioned table LINEITEM:
  • Before Changing Partition:

    Column table LINEITEM is already partitioned via HASH. The record of 2 partition parts exceed the low level threshold for alert “Check record count of column table partition”.

  • Execute Changing Partition:

    Open SQL Editor and execute sql command “ALTER TABLE LINEITEM PARTITION BY HASH (L_ORDERKEY,L_LINENUMBER) PARTITIONS 4” to change the partition specification from 3 to 4.

  • After Changing Partition:

    Table LINEITEM is partitioned into 4 part. The records for each parts do not exceed the threshold.

See Also
  • Are there any Functional Constraints?
    • Partitioning table has the following functional constraints:
      • It takes a long time to run, up to several hours for huge tables.
      • It requires an exclusive lock(only selects are allowed).
  • Are there any Non-functional Constraints?
    • No
  • Are there any side-effects?
    • Partitioning has relatively high memory consumption which may lead to memory resource busy.
  • Is there any suggestion to avoid this alert?
    • For reason 1, a more reasonable configuration could avoid this alert.
    • For reason 2, Consider to partition table when creation which may have large number of records.

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