How To Handle Hana Alert – Memory usage of name server

Alert text: Memory usage of name server


Determines what percentage of allocated shared memory is being used by the name server on a host.

Steps To Resolve:

Increase the shared memory size of the name server. In the ‘topology’ section of the nameserver.ini file, increase the value of the ‘size’ parameter.

Increase value of parameter ‘size’ in nameserver.ini – topology

Goto Configuration Tab in HANA Studio and navigate to nameserver.ini – topology – size. Enter an increased value. Usually it helps to initially double the value from its default value 256 MB (268368504 byte) to 512 MB (536870912 byte). The parameter must not be larger than 2 GB.
If the alert occurs for multiple hosts, then changes can be implemented on system level. If only a single host is affected the parameter can be changed on host level.


Note:You can also refer SAP note 1977101 – How to handle HANA Alert 12: ‘Memory usage of name server’  for more info

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