[Solved] Log mode OVERWRITE | Hana hana log_mode

Alert text: Log mode OVERWRITE


Determines whether or not the database is running in log mode “overwrite”. Log mode “overwrite” does not support point-in-recovery (only recovery to a data backup) and is not recommended for productive systems.

Steps To Resolve:

The log mode must be normal in a productive environment.

To fix this alert, call HANA studio –> Configuration –> global.ini –> persistence and set the parameter log_mode to normal.

When you change the log mode, you must restart the database system to activate the changes. It is also recommended that you perform a full data backup.

You Can aslo set the log_mode to ‘normal’ using the following SQL-Statement:

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION (‘global.ini’, ‘SYSTEM’) SET (‘persistence’, ‘log_mode’) = ‘normal’ WITH RECONFIGURE;


Note:In log mode overwrite, it is virtually impossible to run into log-full situations, unless you have other processes than your SAP HANA instance filling up the log disk. The savepoint operation might have been prevented by a lock situation. This situation should have been resolved with the system restart, so that the database will list log segments as free.

 In log mode normal with log backup enabled, the log backup must be functioning.If there are issues preventing the database from backing up log segments, you must address these issues first. If you have many log segments in state Truncated, this hints at issues with the log backup system. In log mode normal without log backup enabled, the behavior is similar to log mode legacy.

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