How To Fix Hana Alert – Internal statistics server problem

Alert Text

Internal statistics server problem


In a HANA system, the following alert is seen repeatedly:
Rating: Error

Error writing data to table HOST_SQL_PLAN_CACHE: 274 inserted value too

large for column: Failed in “ACCESSED_OBJECTS” column with the value…..
If there is a plan, that is accessing more objects than
expected in the definition of the history statistics server
table for HOST_SQL_PLAN_CACHE, these errors/alerts occur.
Steps To Resolve
Please execute the following statement to change the table definition:
alter table _SYS_STATISTICS.HOST_SQL_PLAN_CACHE alter (accessed_objects varchar(5000));
Note: This workaround needs to be applied for every system which
was initially installed with a revision < 64, as the size of this
view was increased in revision 64.

For Detailed notes you can Refer Note:2007437


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